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I write custom training plans for runners from all kinds of backgrounds.  Whether you're a first time 5k runner, or a veteran marathon runner.  A runner who uses the run/walk method, or a continuous runner.  Someone with barely anytime to run, or someone with all the desired available time.  My goal is to write a training plan that fits around you and your life rather than the other way around.  My style of training plan writing is completely custom to the user such that you tell me your running history, your goals, how much time you have each day, your upcoming vacation schedule, your upcoming races, and any other pertinent information and I devise a schedule that will help you achieve whatever goals you've set for yourself.  And we all know once the training plan gets started, life happens.  So all along the way, I'm still here to answer questions and make changes to the plan when life comes calling.


What Can I do for you?

-Write a custom training plan

-Help with calculations of training pace, race equivalency, carbohydrate loading, or in-race nutrition needs

-Offer you a glimpse into what others have accomplished to date on a Blaser Coaching Service plan

-Help you digest some of the most recent research and concepts related to running.

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