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New Customer Training Plan

The Process

-Fill out a form below for a new customer custom training plan at least 2 weeks before you'd like the training plan to start.  Ideally, this would occur with no more than 18 weeks and no less than 8 weeks until the "A" race.  Although, I'm willing to work with just about any schedule situation.

-On question #21, indicate how much you'd like to be invoiced for.  I choose to allow the customer to set the price based on what they think is reasonable based on the services I provide.  As merely a range, previous customers have paid between $30-150 for various length plans and various complexities.  Dependent on my availability, I may accept or decline the indicated invoice amount. 

-Once I receive the form, I'll review the information and typically ask follow-up questions via email.

-Once myself and the customer are in agreement as to the custom design of the training plan, then I'll send a Paypal invoice via email at the previously agreed upon price.

-After the paid invoice has been received, I will begin the writing process of the plan.

-Based on how many other training plans are in the queue, I'll give an estimated finish date.  Typically, less than two weeks, but it depends on the time of year.

-I will then email the training plan to the customer with a full set of instructions.

-After receipt of the original training plan, the customer from that point to the end of the plan can request changes or advice free of charge.  A training plan is a fluid process. The more you keep me in the loop the more I can help you. The gains you make will be dependent on how well you can stick to the plan. Making adjustments is not a bad thing. If we have to shift the paces up/down, or the duration up/down it's not a sign of failure. It's a sign that we missed the mark on the plan. The number one thing to watch in your training is you should always feel like at the end of every workout you could have done "one more". That's one more mile or one more interval. This plan should not push you so hard you can't finish a day's workout, or start to see a "fade" at the end of a workout. If you see this let me know. We can always make changes.

*I've been informed on a few rare occurrences of people having issues with the "verification" step (after Q21).  I have temporarily removed it until I can figure out the issue.


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